In 2009 with the end of Aziel's horde, the drummer Misanthropy decide to create a new project called Lamazuus , he invites Morion Taurön, guitarrist from the first Aziel's horde to help him . in 2011 they release a demo with a music called Reino de Desolação (Kingdom of Desolation) . Moriom Taurun leaves the band being replaced by Michel Nilo (guitar and bass) . Together with Misanthropy release in 2015 their First full length, with same title of the demo, Reino de Desolação (Kingdom of Desolation), containing five Long tracks. The Horde Lamazuus plays Epic Symphonic Black Metal and their lyrics talk about Teltragar, a world of demons that battle for power and survival of their world in destruction. A fantasy history created by Misanthropy .

Misanthropy, Lord Demoniac, Morion Taurön
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