In the beginning everything was conquered by the empire named Teltragar. After one era, rebelions made the empire to split into three kingdoms, Malves, Nilthmivoc e The Desolation's Kingdom.




In the north kingdom, there is a cold desert named Dril. There is a tall castle on the top of an abyss named Mulves. There are many mountains in the south, with plenty conserved forests and cities occupying its valleys.



Nilthmivoc is a desert region in the north, the cities are grouped on the banks of an "ocean" of lava , where the lava is used for blacksmith. its capital is in an "island" in the middle ofthis lava called Vinishmac. In the south the desert turns into a big swamp called Mirgunovith and further south the desert Imens Dov .




The old Teltragar. Now called the Kingdom of Desolation is a region blighted by volcanoes and the excavations of its natives. its surface isconsisting of deserts and lava rivers, ruined forests and small mountains. All their grouping is beneath the soil and on the surface there's only a ghost town Candlenath and a terrible castle Jirmundas , those who see it aretaken by a supernatural terror. These three kingdoms are at war for territories and to escape from the regions where they will be destroyed with the approaching end of the world!

Malves and Nilthmivoc propose negotiation but Teltragar rejects. Then the two kingdoms attack and destroy the entire surface of the Kingdom of Desolation ensuring a favorable positions against the approaching destruction

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